Annual Giving Sessions


How to Write Your Best Annual Appeal - Shark Tank Style

Presented by Allison Dolan-Wilson, MIT; Maura King Scully, MKS Communication; Tracey Palmer, Palmer Communications (Judges) and our three Shark Tank contestants
This is a unique event where attendees will observe fundraising professionals making a case for their best annual appeal idea. Like TV's Shark Tank program, a panel of judges will hear each case live and choose the winning presentation. Dialogue between candidates and judges is sure to present valuable insights for anyone who works in annual appeal campaigns.

Three Ingredients for December Success 

Presented by Partners in Health's Amy CarzoSarah Dunlap, Chelsea Feinstein, and Laura Soucy
One-third of the year's donations. Four weeks in December. And 11 months of preparation. Successful year-end fundraising starts January 1st, whether it's email, direct mail, or social media. The sum of these channels equals millions of dollars--when done right. Join the team behind the movement to bring health care to the world's most vulnerable communities, one dollar at a time.

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Effectiveness versus Efficiency: Leveraging Your Data to Raise More Money

Presented by Gary Henrickson and Sarah Gnerre of Five Maples Development Communications
All businesses track key performance indicators and use them to guide decision making. While large fundraising shops may have staff devoted to analytics, this can be a challenge for medium and smaller shops. We will cover why use analysis, what to measure, how to measure it, and how to take action based on the metrics, We will show use of the AFP-NNE Growth thru Giving Report and Fundraising Fitness test, as well as more specific ways to dig into your data for actionable insights. We'll share performance benchmarks and talk about which levers you can pull to improve your fundraising performance. We'll discuss how return on investment calculations can help you manage your board and make good choices about communications channels and fundraising activities.

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Evolving Stories for Evolving Organizations

Presented by Bart Reidy, Boston Symphony Orchestra; Becky Crawford, Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston
Moderated by Libby Roberts, Lois L. Lindauer Searches

Where would we be without great stories?  Organizations must constantly evolve and so must the stories you tell so that your donors connect with your mission and feel inspired to support your work. Becky Crawford and Bart Reidy became CDOs after first being communications experts.  Before running development shops at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston and the Boston Symphony Orchestra, they knew how to create compelling, relevant and ever-changing narratives for their institutions.  Come learn how they did it, and maybe they’ll tell you a few war stories about what they learned along the way!


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