*Registrants must have four full years of experience in professional development.

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Today’s non-profits face significant leadership challenges. Changes in workplace configurations, accelerated retirements of senior professionals, and enhanced financial pressures require organizations to be agile and innovative. In addition, shifting patterns of donor behavior, acute shortages of qualified staff, and rapidly evolving technology are among the many factors that compound the dynamic fundraising landscape of today. Organizations that can navigate this complicated environment will be the most likely to succeed in executing their mission. And essential to this success is strong and visionary leadership, not only at the helm, but throughout the ranks.

Where then does leadership come from? It starts with the advancement professional who knows not only the fundamentals of fundraising, but also has an acute appreciation for the overall performance and business strategy of the organization. This course has been designed to guide individuals who aspire to positions of leadership within their non-profit or in other organizations in the sector. Learners will take away insight about projecting an executive presence, navigating organizational structures, building trust and confidence, expanding critical networks, and becoming a strategic thinker and planner.

This newly designed course is for professional fundraising staff with 4+ years of experience who wish to advance to positions of leadership in their career. The two-day, in-person event will be taught by experienced fundraising leaders from the AFP board and community. An initial cohort of 24 participants will kick off this new offering with subsequent cohorts to be formed in the future.

Key topics covered by this program include the following:


  • Understanding the differences between leadership and management.
  • Sharpening communication skills for managing up and down.
  • Building awareness of the organization’s culture and impact.
  • Leveraging the power of persuasion within internal and external networks.
  • Becoming more of a strategist and less of a tactician.
  • Recruiting and empowering diverse teams.
  • Nurturing your team to be high-performing, and effective.

The format of the program includes presentations, readings, group exercises, and guest appearances.

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