Volunteering with AFP MA

Looking to Volunteer?
Contact us at info@afpmass.org

By actively participating in the chapter, you’ll not only make a valuable contribution to the profession you’ll also learn and build a valuable network of colleagues.

AFP Massachusetts is always looking for volunteers to help staff events and conferences, serve on committees and share their knowledge by presenting at AFP programs or by mentoring newcomers to the profession.

Dear Volunteers,

On behalf of AFP MA Chapter we would like to thank you, our many volunteers, who have given time and expertise in multiple ways to serve our chapter and fellow members last year. We are deeply grateful to all the people who make this a great chapter! THANK YOU!  We couldn't do it without you!

Valerie Anastasio
Sara Andrews
Rob Ayles
Margot Biggin
Anne Bowie
Dennis Boyer
Shelley Brown
Timothy Brown
Darrell Byers
 Meghan Canal
Gregg Chambers
Donna Clark
Robin Cohen
Diana Collins
Melissa Cording
Anne Cowie
Briana Curran
Mark DaPonte
Hugo De La Rosa
Tammy Dowley-Blackman
Sylvia Ferrell-Jones
John Feudo
Arlene Fortunato
Alexandra Fuchs
Bridget Gallagher
David Giagrando
David Gillerman
Lisa Glazer
Elsa Gomes-Bondlow
Brent Grinna
Kate Guedj
Clare Gunther
Joan Hadly
Melinda Hallisey
Ann-Marie Harrington
Tanya Holton
Leah Hoover
Alicia Ianiere
Simone Joyaux, ACFRE
Patricia Keenan
Tomasz Kierul
Colette King
Gaby King Morse
Danielle Klainberg
Josh Kraft
Pam Lassiter
Denise Lau
Theresa Lee
Kristina Lentz
Lois Lindauer
Chuck Longfield
Doug MacPherson
Stacie Madden
Hilary Marshall
Kate Mason
Linda McIntosh
Margaret McNamara
Vanessa Medeiros
Anne Melvin
Cristine More
Chris Mosher
Terry Mulryan-Toomey
Valerie Navy-Daniels
Scott Nichols
Liz Page
Tracey Palmer
Stacy Palmer
Usha Pasi
Allen Peckham
Amy Perna
Catie Reilly
Noam Reuveni
Brenda Ricard, Ph.D
Betsy Rigby
Libby Roberts
Emma Roberts
Samantha Robin
Seth Rosenzweig
Joanna Rothman
Lisa Rowan-Gillis
Erik Ryan
Robbie Samuels
Lynn Santiago-Calling
Karen Santilli
David Scofield
Rebecca Scott
Maura Scully
Kathy Sheehan
Yong-Hee Silver
Jasmina Smajlovic
Hilary Smiley Marshall
Dana Smith
Catherine Squires
Sunny Stich
Joseph Swan
Paul Swindlehurst
Marie Claude Tanny
Chris Thomas
Beth Tishler
Kate Todd
Suzanne Tompkins
Barbara Trevisan
Stephanie Truesdell
Ariadne Valsamis
Bradford Wm. Voigt, CFRE
Erica Waasdorp
Jennifer Weinstock
David Wilber
  Karen Wood
David Woodruff
Yumi Yasutake
Joann Yung

If you believe your name is missing from this list, please accept our apologies and contact the AFP MA Office so we can update this list.


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