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Board Materials for January 31, 2020

Board Meeting Binder


Board Materials for Retreat on July 25, 2019

Board Retreat Agenda

Board Retreat PowerPoint

Board Retreat Workbook

May 21, 2019 Minutes (approved)

July 25, 2019 Retreat Minutes

Current Balance Sheet

Current Income Statement

Current Monthly Treasurer's Report


Board Member Policy Statements

Conflict of Interest Policy

Whistleblower Policy

Fair Behavior Policy

Board Acknowledgement Signature Page


Board structure & contact information

Board Roster 2020

Board Organizational Chart 2020

Committee Rosters 2020

AFP Global Staff Directory


Board meetings

Board Meeting Schedule 2020

Sample Committee Reporting Template

AFP International Parliamentary Procedures


Board responsibilities

Board Roles and Responsibilities


Committee Descriptions

Nominating Committee Timeline


Budget and Investment Position

FY2019 Budget

12/31/17 Investment Statement

12/31/18 Investment Statement


Chapter Membership

Membership benefits

Membership types, cost and pricing

AFP International Code of Ethics

AFP International Donor Bill of Rights

2016 Membership Survey Results

Five Year Trend Analysis


How to Work with CAMI

CAMI Scope of Work

How to Work with CAMI


Other Facts about the Chapter

Chapter Fact Sheet

Chapter Bylaws

Chapter Policies & Procedures

Standards for Protection of Personal Information

AFP Directors & Officers Liability Coverage

AFP General Liability Coverage



AFP MA Committees

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