Diversity & Inclusion Session


Effective Management for Inclusion

Panel led by Ahmed Mohammed, Director of Talent Acquisition, Harvard Medical School
Fundraising managers and leaders today have heard over and over why it is important to manage diversity and inclusion on their teams but few understand how. The difference between managers and leaders that understand why it’s important and how to successfully manage diversity and inclusion is palpable. How can you reduce this gap? How can you create the environment in which you are more effective and inclusive in the management of recruiting and retention efforts? During this session, you will observe your conscious and unconscious actions, discuss sets of behaviors that engender a sense of inclusion in the face of diversity, and address key questions to help you become a more effective and inclusive manager. You will take away action steps that will help you shift from an exclusionary style to an inclusive and open style, bringing out the best of all people while encouraging collaboration and supporting contributions from all individuals. You will help your organizations to create and maintain an inclusive culture through effective management for inclusion.


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