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The CEO/CDO Relationship: Navigating through Difficult Situations

Presenters:  Shelley Goode and Abby Maxman of Oxfam America
Moderated by David Woodruff of MIT

An aligned and trusting relationship between the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Development Officer is critical to driving the mission, programs, and development of any organization. Two officers from Oxfam America, a leading global organization working to end the injustice of poverty, will discuss their personal insights on this important relationship and their approach to fundraising, operations and personnel.

Legacy Foundations and New Wealth Foundations

Presented by David Gordon, MIT; Alix Cantave, W.K. Kellogg Foundation; Danielle Klainberg, DEK Associates Consulting; and John Parker, Springhood
For many years, the agendas of legacy foundations – some founded nearly a century ago – have set the tone for giving by all foundations. But recently, that dynamic has arguably flipped, as more and more foundations set up by today’s biggest donors – often through LLCs – have raised new expectations for donor involvement in foundation giving. How do these different models for giving compare and contrast with one another? Has the paradigm truly shifted, or, do legacy foundations still drive the major trends in the field? What can grant seekers do to navigate this new, more complex territory? Hear a panel discuss these and other related trends from a variety of perspectives: grant maker, grant seeker, legacy foundation official and living donor.

Donor-Advised Funds:  Changing the Philanthropic Landscape?
A panel led by CCS Fundraising
Description coming soon

Trends in Philanthropy
A panel led by CCS Fundraising
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