Talent Management Sessions


Breaking the Cycle of Employee Departures - Keeping Young Talent

Sarah Connelly and Molly Grannell of Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts; Alejandro Sutphen, IBA
Moderated by 
Maureen Peña, The Peña Network 
It is well known that a cycle of millennial departures exists. This discussion will probe and focus on specific ways management can retain millennial employees. The discussion is also geared towards emerging leaders and how they can become more engaged and avoid switching jobs too soon. This is a discussion you don't want to miss!

Finding and Keeping Top Talent

Presented by Nancy Simpson-Banker, FAHP, Accordant Philanthropy and Molly Richter, Partners Healthcare
The average turnover rate for development professionals is two years. The direct and indirect cost of finding a replacement is high. The lost opportunity cost is immeasurable. This session will explore the reasons for the high turnover and strategies for finding, keeping and measuring top talent.

Maximize Talent in Your Organization: Measuring and Promoting Success

Presented by Amy Bronson, Boston University; Ellen Gilmore, MIT; Patricia Gil-Casares, Boston University
Moderated by Tracy Marshall, Development Guild DDI
Given the ongoing war for fundraising talent, it’s crucial that you know how to best deploy and grow your talent.  With the rise of strategic talent management as well as data analytics in the not for profit sector, many shops are finding new ways to maximize performance. This panel will address the trends, outcomes and ongoing developments that show how new methods of measuring and looking at staff performance can influence your culture and affect your bottom line. Come learn what is happening at BU and MIT, as well as other shops, that you can scale and apply to any size team. We’ll discuss employee engagement, performance metrics, and other ways you can get the most out of the people resources you have.

Career Ladder or Career Lattice?

Presented by Gregg Carlo, Boston University; Kaja Fickes, WGBH; Patsy Fisher, Brandeis University; Christine Cruzvergara, Wellesley College
Moderated by Libby Roberts, Lois L. Lindauer Searches
Each of the panelists have had exciting professional lives while juggling and balancing family, career and community life.  These nonprofit veterans will offer career-making – and breaking – observations for both candidates and hiring managers.  They will describe how they coach others as well as how they decided to stay put, and when they knew it was time to leave some of the nation’s premier organizations.  Each will describe what they’ve learned along the way and give an exclusive history of how they navigated their careers, reinvented themselves and kept it healthy, lively and fun.


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